We have developed the individual components of the RALOS.shoe with new and detailed modifications to perfect the safety for technicians and protect the material.

The result is the new Solarco.shoe – our new shoe for solar module work.
The SOLARco.shoe allows you to quickly and comfortably reach any point of your PV-system in a straight line.

The SOLARco.shoe guarantees safe, accident- and damage-free work on photovoltaic modules.



It makes sense to maintain your solar module system

Regular maintenance and care of the photovoltaic system is mandatory if you are to ensure the performance gua- ranteed by the module manufacturer. Well maintained systems avoid material losses and guarantee the desired ma- ximum yield/power production. Consequently, maintenance as well as cleaning works are indispensable and they make sense in every aspect. According to the manufacturer, solar modules must not be subjected to concentrated loads.

Stepping on the modules and module frames, which often occurs during assembly and cleaning, inevitably causes damage and forfeits any warranty claims.

Cell cracks (microcracks), for example, promote the development of hotspots and destroyed glass surfaces promote insulation defects (riso). All this leads to power losses up to a complete failure of the plant.

The SOLARco.shoe enables safe, accident- and damage-free work on photovoltaic modules.

Quick and efficient access

Walking on solar modules with the SOLARco.shoe guarantees efficient and safe working, which saves considerable time and cost. The extraordinary flexibility of the SOLARco.shoe allows you to reach any point of the solar module system quickly. Technicians as well as the materials are protected by the SOLARco.shoe. Photovoltaic modules won’t be damaged because there is no risk of overload at any point due to the preformed carrier plate and the damping device especially developed for this purpose.

There is no need to relocate a riser or scaffolding when working with the SOLARco.shoe. When modules are replaced, the transport and interim storage of dismantled modules is a thing of the past. The SOLARco.shoe significantly re- duces the operating costs and risks.

Costs are recouped quickly after only 2-4 work assignments due to lower investments in time, staff and equipment.

With the SOLARco.shoe, service and maintenance work can be executed on all PV systems with a roof inclination of up to 37 degrees. Framed as well as frameless modules can be accessed safely, starting from a surface load capacity of         5,400 Pa/m2.


  •  Visual inspection of the installation

  • Visual inspection of the rack and substructure

  • Safe module replacement

  • Work on electrical components

  • Support for large area cleaning using a robot (safe working under controlled visibility, tracking of power and water lines).

Small space requirements, low weight, easy transport and easy handling